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Here at Kingsley Financial Consulting we guarantee you will only ever receive
advice from a chartered financial planner who possesses the specialist
qualifications required to provide final salary pension transfer advice.

Recent years have seen a large increase in the number of transfers out of final salary pension schemes.

New Pension Freedoms introduced in 2015, combined with significantly higher transfer values as a result of falling gilt yields, have led to many more people coming to the conclusion that it is in their best interests to transfer away from their final salary schemes.

Indeed the FCA have recently changed their default position from that of it not being in a person’s interests to transfer away from a final salary pension, to that of a neutral stance, and they have suggested that any individual should carefully consider their options before making the decision to transfer their final salary pension or not.

Whilst there are several reasons why a transfer from a final salary pension may now be considerably more attractive than was previously the case, the fact remains that a final salary pension offers very valuable guaranteed benefits, and therefore any decision to transfer away from a final salary pension should be taken very carefully.

And it is imperative to seek advice on your final salary pension from a professionally qualified financial adviser.

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